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The "TT" models are manufactured to meet specific needs of manufacturers and installers in order to optimize the space available in racks, assemblies, radio links, and in vehicles used for mobile links. This is possible thanks to their reduced dimensions (up to 70% less than the standard models).

They are custom made on specific order from the client. For this reason, and being almost infinite - for all practical purposes - the range of possible models, this catalog lists just a few examples of models already manufactured and that have fully complied with all the customer's technical and logistic requirements.

Gangs of different frequencies, specific particular physics?
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 Range (MHz) 
 Loss (db) 
 Size (mm) 
 Preice (€) 
1P3015TT 30...35 0.5...1.0 160x160x1000 413.00
1P5015TT 50...55 0.5...1.0 160x160x700 361.00
4S7215TT 70...75 0.5...1.0 320x320x700 1446.00
1P7215TT 72...75 0.5...1.0 160x160x700 309.00
1S7215TT 72...75 0.5...1.0 160x160x700 309.00
1S7220TT 72...75 0.5...1.0 220x220x700 464.00


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