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Double Filters...

This filter is especially indicated in the following cases:

- Whenever a passband filter cannot attain a sufficient attenuation of the noise band. The twin filter, being made up of two cavities offers attenuation values doubled with respect to the single cavity models.

- Whenever there is a need for transmission of multiple frequencies (e.g. for Tx and Rx) while, at the same time, cutting off the noise. The twin filter, in fact, is provided with a device that adjusts the width of the passband starting from a single frequency up to the limits indicated for each model.

The attenuations attainable are doubled with respect to models: 1p215 - 1p8815 - 1p4415 - 1p43015

Gangs of different frequencies, specific particular physics?
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 Range (MHz) 
 Loss (db) 
 Size (mm) 
 Preice (€) 
2P7215 72...75 0.5...1.0 320x160x1200 1032.00
2P8820 88...92 0.5...1.0 250x450x900 929.00
2P14415 140...160 0.5...1.0 160x320x500 774.00
2P43015 430...450 0.5...1.0 160x320x350 319.00


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