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Our production of cavity filters covers the VHF e UHF frequency ranges, with special emphasis with the 30 MHz to 1.5 GHz range. Our 10+ year experience acquired in this field allows us to manufacture filters which are highly selective and extremely reliable: their operation has been field tested under any environmental and thermal condition.

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Each filter has been individually designed, manufactured and calibrated to meet the specific needs of the customer, on order to attain the best achievable results. Among the features available for each model, we would like to stress the unique adjustment system of the insertion loss, essential for minimizing the power loss vs. the need to minimize the noise.

A special range of our products deals with the "TT" filters, whose height is up to 70% less than standard models, suitable wherever there is a very specific space requirement (rack - mobile link, etc.) and minimally lesser performances (5-10%) with respect to the standard models. The "TT" models are manufactured only upon request and their cost is related to the physical parameter: for this reason the catalog contains just a few of such models. The triplexers are not listed in the catalog, since the resonance curves may vary in relationship to the three transmission/reception frequencies. Generally, however, it is possible to rate an insertion loss of about 1.5 dB and attenuations higher than 90 dB for shifts equal to the attenuation found in the diplexers.

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